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History of Educational Television

Considered a strategic project for Sonora education has remained over time thanks to the collaboration of Telemax, television has not only contributed to the transmission, but, in principle, providing camera and camera one day a week to record the presentation of educational programs of local interest. In 1995 he purchased the first camera, Hi-8, which was used for the production of regional materials. In 1997, both the federal and state government signed the "Coordination Agreement to Promote and Strengthen Presence and Use of Educational Television in the State of Sonora" with the American Institute of Educational Communication. Commitments were implemented in 1998 and stands out: the allocation to Hermosillo Television Company, Inc. a team of 20 transmitters, 47 receivers and 47 amplifiers that formed the network in 26 municipalities and allowed to extend to signal Telemax to 117 locations.

It also provided for Hermosillo and Guaymas two transmitters highest power and authorized by the SEP transmission EDUSAT Network programs and technical cooperation programs in the production of Sonora, in return, the state government decided to grant an area four hours from Monday to Friday and two thirty-minute weekend, intended for educational and cultural programming. This space is now three hours from Monday to Friday (two in the morning and one in the afternoon) and on weekends is one hour per day.

It was at this time that production equipment was purchased ¾ professional format consisting of a camera and editing equipment that allowed the realization of more regional programs. Then, in 1999, Betacam equipment was purchased, consisting of camera and editing equipment.

Today we have a DVCAM editing equipment and a camera of the same format and also has two banks with non-linear editing. The facility is located where this department are the same where it began.

Thus, educational television has evolved and has been gaining presence, currently seeking convergence with other media that offers the technology to strengthen the efforts of Sonora and build national projects being refined to provide more and better means to contemporary education .


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